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Talking about your life with someone can be challenging. I offer a safe and supportive place to explore whatever may be troubling you.

The  psychotherapy I practise can help you better understand the difficulties you may be having and the reasons they persist. 

We do this by talking together about you and your life.

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On contacting me, we can arrange an initial meeting which will give you the chance to meet me and for us to discuss how we may best work together. There is no obligation to continue with ongoing therapy after this meeting.

You would make contact via email or phone and we would arrange a brief telephone call to discuss your needs. I can answer any questions you may have around therapy and any practicalities. Then, should you want to move forward, we will arrange a more in-depth consultation.

We will meet virtually or in person for 50 minutes which will give me chance to get to know you, understand what you are looking for and determine how I might be able to help. It will also be a chance for us to determine that all important 'chemistry' necessary for a good therapeutic relationship. You are assessing me as much as I am assessing you.  We can then decide whether you would like to work together.

Therapy can be as short as 6 sessions, where the focus might be on a specific, acute issue or as long as several years, with the aim for a more fundamental change in personality and emotional development. It usually becomes clear, once we begin, what might work best for you.

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Think therapy might be for you? Want more information or to get in touch for an initial call? Get in touch via the Contact page.

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